Vic System Subsea CCTV and Communications Systems

Since 1996 Vic Systems have designed and built large-scale systems, equipment and audio-video systems their our computer and electronics labs.


In 2007, they concentrated on the construction of the new laboratory for research and development dedicated exclusively to the design and implementation of innovative systems for the field of commercial, military and professional diving.


These systems are integrated with new features such as the transmission of data for remote supervision via internet and a point to point wi-fi connection


Their mission is to provide customers with products and systems of the highest quality.


Vic System products are extremely reliable and affordable, have an incredibly low size and weight, as well as being incorporated with innovative features with the use of up-to-date, latest generation, analog and digital technologies.

Vic Systems are located in Italy and San Marino. Please contact Arc Subsea for further information, or for a quote. 

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